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Teenie Rockets Limited respects your privacy rights – This Privacy Policy outlines who we are as a business, how we collect, use or distribute your personal information, and how users can exercise their privacy rights.

In this Privacy Policy, “Us”, “We” and “Our” refers to Teenie Rockets Limited while “You”, “Yours”, “Them” and “Their” refers to you, the website user.

Please bookmark this page and visit it frequently as we may need to update it from time to time – the date signature on the top right-hand side of the page will tell you if you have read (and agree to) the latest Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree with part of or the entire Privacy Policy, please do not use the website.

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For any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy, please use the contact information supplied at the end of the Policy to get in touch.

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The Personal Information We collect and How We collect it

Your personal data is not in any way used, shared or distributed among any of our affiliates or the 3rd party and application links on our website, in any way, shape or form. All the personal data collected as a result of your website use is in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the latest GDPR laws. We do not sell your data to any third parties or external entities, and we are fully committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times according to current data protection and data privacy laws. Teenie Rockets Limited will never sell, manipulate, distribute or lease your personal information to anyone, unless we are required to do so under UK law or you have given us consent to do so.

We use Book When and WordPress to collect your personal information. While navigating such types of sites, users may be required to submit their personal information when using specific sections of the website. This includes, without limitation:

  • Guardian’s full name
  • Contact number and emergency contact number
  • Complete address
  • Known medical conditions and allergies
  • Photo consent
  • Any other information relevant to the services currently offered by Teenie Rockets Limited

This information is used to provide you with the best service standard and features possible. Examples of when we may need to use this personal information include:

  • Site bookings
  • Email marketing offers
  • Special/limited offers
  • Internal record keeping
  • Improvement and optimisation of our products and services
  • Market research and surveys

You may request Teenie Rockets Limited to not use this personal information for marketing purposes, by opting out when filling up any online form on the website. However, if you had previously agreed to have your personal information used for the above purposes and wish to opt out, please contact us for further support.

The legal basis for processing your personal information

Your personal information is collected only under the following circumstances:

  1. We require your personal information to enter into a contract with you;
  2. We process your personal information according to our legitimate interests and in a way that does not override your privacy rights;
  3. You have given us your consent to do so for the purpose in question.

Additionally, we may be legally obliged to collect your personal information or may need it otherwise to protect our company interests or those of our affiliates and/or an associated 3rd party.

Should we require your personal information to satisfy a legal requirement or to enter into a contract with you, we will formally inform you before doing so, advising you whether the supplication of your personal information is mandatory or not – including the consequences or repercussions of not providing us your personal information.

Should we require your personal information in regards to our legitimate interests or those of an affiliate or an associated 3rd party, this requirement will merely be to operate our website or platform more efficiently, and to provide our services in a more streamlined way, as well as for undertaking marketing, or for detecting and preventing online fraud and/or illegal activities.

We may have other legitimate interests in addition to the above, and will formally inform you when such interests arise.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about the legal basis for processing your personal information, please use the contact information at the end of this page to get in touch with us.


The website uses cookies to collect, use and store your personal information. A cookie is a small file stored on your device, working as an ‘identifier’ to identify you, each time you logon to or use the Teenie Rockets Limited website. Cookies are harmless files which are used by our servers and backend team to improve your online experience.

While we do recommend accepting all cookies when using the website, by declining some or all of them, you may not be able to get the best online experience, or avail all the services offered. Furthermore, cookies do not contain any information which may be used by anyone to identify you online.

We use Google Analytics to analyse your use of the website. Again, we would recommend not disabling cookies in your browser and accepting all cookies when using the website, in order to have the most optimal user experience.

Personal Information Security

We have the necessary technical and organisational measures in place to protect the personal information we collect, store and process on you. These measures are designed to provide the highest level of security possible, according to the risk level present in processing your personal information, and according to the latest GDPR policies.

Foreign Data Transfers

If you do not want us to use your personal information for marketing purposes, please tick the appropriate option when filling up any one of our online forms, in order to opt out. Alternatively, you can also contact us on

Outgoing links to other sites

From time to time, your personal information may be transferred to, used and processed in a country other than where Teenie Rockets Limited is located. This means that when your private data is collected, it may be processed in any one of these countries, as Teenie Rockets Limited’s servers are located in multiple regions around the world, in order to communicate with our affiliates/partners, group companies and 3rd party service providers.

These countries may have their own data protection laws in place which may not necessarily be the same as Teenie Rockets Limited’s main region of operation. We have taken the necessary safeguards and security protocols to ensure that your personal information will remain protected in a manner and up to the same standard as Teenie Rockets Limited and in accordance with this Privacy Policy, when your personal information is transferred to, used or processed in a foreign country.

Personal Information Retention and Deletion

Your personal information is collected, stored and retained only as long as we have a legitimate business interest – for example, to continue to provide you with services that you have requested or opted into, or to comply with our internal legal, tax and accounting requirements

Once we have no legitimate business to collect, store and retain your personal information, we will either delete it permanently from all our servers or anonymize it – if this is not possible, since your personal information may be stored in multiple backup archives, we will securely store it and isolate it so that it is not processed any further – up to the point when full deletion is possible.

Your data protection rights as a website user

Your data protection rights as a user under GDPR are as follows:

  • In order to access, amend, update or have your personal information deleted, you may do so at any time by contacting us using the contact details mentioned at the end of this page;
  • You may ask us to restrict or object to processing your personal information;
  • You may request portability of your personal information in an easily readable and commonly used format;
  • You may opt out of marketing materials or communications we might send you from time to time. Simply click on “opt out” link in those emails or communications;
  • You may also opt out of other forms of marketing such as telemarketing or postal marketing, by contacting us through the contact details mentioned at the end of this page;
  • You may withdraw your consent to have your data collected and processed at any time; withdrawing consent will not affect how we legally process your data prior to the withdrawal, and it will also not affect processing of your personal data which was done according to your lawful consent;
  • You may register a complaint with a data protection authority (DPA) about the way we collect and use your personal data, in case you are not satisfied. Contact details of such authorities in the UK can be found here.

We respond to all such requests from users wishing to exercise their rights within [enter timeframe] and in accordance with the latest data protection laws.

Privacy Policy Updates

Updates to this Privacy Policy may be necessary from time to time, and although we do take the appropriate measures to keep you informed, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking the date stamp on the top-right corner.

Your consent to the latest Privacy Policy is required in order for you to continue using the website and all its associated services.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries or concerns about how we use your personal information, please let us know at Your data controller’s contact information can be found here.


Welcome to Teenie Rockets Limited. The following Terms and Conditions are for your benefit. We recommend bookmarking this page as we may need to update our terms from time to time. The date on the top-right hand side of this page indicates whether you have read (and understood) the latest Terms of Use.

This page explains the terms according to which you may use the Teenie Rockets Limited website. By using the website, you accept all the terms and agree to abide by them. If you have reservations about the terms explained herewith or do not wish to abide by them, please do not use the website.

1. About Us

Teenie Rockets Limited is a UK Limited Company registered in England, with its head office at the following address: Kingsridge House, 601 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 9PE and email address (

On this T&C page, “Us”, “We” and “Our” refers to Teenie Rockets Limited and any reference to or mention of “You” or “Your” refers to the person using the website to make a booking.

The terms outlined on this page are applicable to all products and services currently offered by Teenie Rockets Limited. By browsing and using the website, including its online and downloadable content as well as external links to other websites and/or applications, you agree to all the terms and conditions explained in the following sections.

By agreeing to the T&C below, you are entering into a legal contract. If you disagree with any of the T&C, please do not use the website.

2. Information & Disclaimers

While we exercise a great deal of caution to keep the information on our website as accurate, up-to-date and complete as possible, neither we nor any affiliated parties can guarantee the accuracy, up-to-datedness, performance and completeness of the information presented.

All the content and material on the website is owned solely by Teenie Rockets Limited, including (without limitation) the design, look, and overall graphical appearance. Reproduction of all such material and content is illegal and may lead to criminal prosecution under UK copyright laws.

Teenie Rockets Limited will shall not be liable for any direct/indirect harm or losses which may arise as a result of using the website (explained further in Section 5 of the T&C).

3. Rights

As owners of the website, we reserve the right to change, alter or update any part of it, without any notice. In addition to daily maintenance, the website may be subject to change as and when deemed fit by Teenie Rockets Limited.

4. Other Websites

The Teenie Rockets Limited website may have links to other websites and/or applications, which are meant for the website user’s convenience or to provide additional information with regards to our products/services. Linking with external websites or applications does not in any way indicate that Teenie Rockets Limited endorses them or vouches for their content/services.

5. Liability

Teenie Rockets Limited, including its group companies, owners, employees, shareholders, etc. cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss/damages and financial as well as material loss incurred in connection with our services, our website or its use, or its affiliates, including any links to third party websites and/or applications.

Teenie Rockets Limited may also not be held liable for any death or personal injury as a result of using the website or any of the external links in it. Nothing in these T&C affects your statutory rights. If, by using this website or any of its external links, you experience any loss of equipment, including software or data, Teenie Rockets Limited shall not be held liable for any damages and/or resultant costs.

6. Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions on this page are governed by English law – any disputes arising in regard to these T&C are subject to the law in England and Wales. In case of any changes to these laws, our T&C shall remain in effect.

7. Booking and Refunds

All bookings made via the website are on a “first come, first serve” basis only. Upon successfully booking, a confirmation agreement will be sent to you, outlining the booking’s dates and venue. You are required to confirm that this information is accurate.

We do not offer any booking refunds and therefore do not have a Refund Policy. In case of any booking cancellations due to your child being ill or unable to attend, please email us to discuss the matter further.

8. Cancellations

If your child’s session leader is unwell, we reserve the right to cancel it and offer you a refund or alternative booking date. It is recommended that you check the Teenie Rockets Limited website and social media pages regularly prior to your booking for any cancellations or changes to the booking date and time.

9. Consent to Photographs

During a session, you may take photos of your own child; however, you may not take photos of other children without their consent. In case of the latter, we will seek parental permission if you wish to take photos of another member’s child and you are, therefore, urged not to take and especially share any photographs on social media or an online album, and/or website, unless parental consent has been received.

Similarly, other parents wishing to take photos of your child at a session must also have your consent, and you can refuse it at the time you are booking a session.

10. Health and Safety

We take strict measures to ensure that all toys and equipment have been cleaned and wiped down properly per session, so that the next group can use them safely. In case of any spillages, please let the session leader know right away, at which point, we will conduct a risk assessment before holding the next session.

We strongly recommend not to let your child attend a session if he/she is ill or exhibiting any symptoms of a known illness. This is purely for the safety and protection of all the children present at the venue, including our carers and staff. These “known illnesses” may include but are not limited to:

  • Chicken pox
  • Measles
  • German measles
  • Slapped cheek
  • Mumps
  • Sickness and diarrhoea 48 hours prior to the session
  • High temperature 24 hours prior to the session
  • Hand foot and mouth
  • Whooping cough
  • Impetigo
  • Norovirus
  • Scarlet fever
  • COVID-19
11. Parent and Guardian responsibilities

While we encourage all caregivers to actively participate in sessions, talking needs to be minimal during the musical phase of each session, in addition to avoiding food consumption during the same. Supervision is a must at all times. We are not liable for any incidents/accidents which might occur during any session at any venue. Children are not, under any circumstances, to be left unattended during any session at any venue.

Even though all toys and equipment used at our venues are “CE” marked, parents/guardians are responsible for assessing which toys and/or equipment are safe for their child to play with. Parents/guardians must also bear the responsibility of not allowing their child to put any objects into their mouth.

Certain food items will be present at the venue to enhance your child’s energy levels and overall sensory experience. However, it is up to parents/guardians to assess if their child is allergic to a certain kind of food and whether it poses a health risk, prior to the commencement of the session.

Some sessions may require radiators to be used at the venue – parents/guardians are required to supervise their child at all times, preventing them from touching or playing near the radiators.

All our venues have hard surfaces – please ensure that you are always keeping an eye on your child from start to finish.

12. Child Safeguarding, Protection and Discrimination

Teenie Rockers Limited does its level best to ensure the protection and safeguarding of your child, which includes adhering to a strict safeguarding policy as a business. We have the right and legal obligation to report any safeguarding concerns whatsoever to the local authority.

We like to welcome everyone and do not tolerate any kind of discriminatory behaviour based on but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender or religious values.

If you are found to be involved in any discriminatory behaviour or intentionally (or otherwise) offend any individual, including children, their parents and our staff members, you may be asked to leave the venue. We also reserve the right to report any violent, offensive or discriminatory behaviour to the local authority or Police as and when deemed necessary, where we may also terminate your booking agreement without the possibility of a refund.

13. Website Content and Intellectual Property

Any online content used during the session is our sole intellectual property – you may not copy or use this property without our exclusive written consent.

14. Queries, Concerns and Complaints

We strive to always provide the absolute best service. However, in the event that you’re not happy with a specific service or would like to relay your feedback, please share your concern, feedback or query with your designated session leader without any delays. Bringing the concern, query or complaint to their attention on an ASAP-basis ensures that we resolve any issues or concerns in the most prompt and professional manner possible.

We recommend putting your concern, query or complaint in writing via email, after which we will investigate the matter and write back within 14 business days. These concerns, queries or complaints may be forward to

15. Personal Information

Any personal information submitted through our website is subject to our Privacy Policy. All information collected is stored on secure servers and not shared with any individuals, groups or entities, with the only exception being our internal teams, who have access on a “need to know” basis only.

16. Copyright Notice

The website, including all its content and any downloadable materials, are the sole copyright of Teenie Rockets Limited. Any information and publication presented on our website are protected by UK Copyright Law and solely belong to Teenie Rockets Limited. You may not copy or reproduce the information and materials on this website, for any purpose, using any kind of media or format. Doing so will result in criminal prosecution, unless written consent has been given by Teenie Rockets Limited.